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The 1368 map comparison gives us reason to celebrate the game right now

The 1368 map comparison gives us reason to celebrate the game right now

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from: Eileen Udovenko

GTA 6 should offer a huge map. But big doesn’t mean exciting. However, the map comparison and associated leak prove that Rockstar can do both.

New York – GTA 6 takes us back to Vice City. The map should not only be a copy of Miami, but also include the surrounding area. According to the leaks, the map should be steadily expanded. And that means one thing above all: plenty of space to let off steam. So that there is no boredom, Rockstar Games has included a lively world. A look at Red Dead Redemption 2 shows this can work.

The name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI
Version (date first published) TBD
Publishers rock games
series grand theft auto
platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (unconfirmed)
Developer Rockstar North
Type Open world, action and adventure

GTA 6: Thousands of global events on the map should not let you get bored

This should come: Games have become more open. Of course, you immediately think of the Elden Ring or Tears of the Kingdom. However, the large playing areas are not always well executed hence can get quite tedious on large maps. To counter this, the developers ensure that all kinds of events lurk around the corners. An insider has already revealed that the GTA 6 map is going to be gigantic. And a look at an old map from Rockstar Games already suggests boredom isn’t coming anytime soon.

GTA 6: Map comparison gives us 1,638 reasons to celebrate the game already © unsplash / Rockstar Games (Montage)

Already in Read Dead Redemption 2, the western world is full of all kinds of things to explore. Reddit user Lim-Simple4802 posted the map on the GTA 6 forum and tagged each of the global events. The large amount fills the whole scene and of course this gives us hope for the next GTA part, because both games come from the same developer. This is the post on Reddit.

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The user himself writes: The map is huge, lots of wilderness and a little civilization. Almost the entire map though, is covered in world events, though most of it is wild. Now imagine GTA 6, with a huge city, many smaller cities, and a lot of civilization. Maybe we’re really getting 1368 global events. This number is not out of the blue, because in the huge leaks of GTA 6 it was already clear that Rockstar is planning such a number of events.

GTA 6: GTA 6: Rockstar Games plans thousands of global events – but that’s not all

Expectations: But that’s not all Rockstar Games has up its sleeve. According to the leaks, the events should look more realistic and make the world look as if it was actually alive. We’ve rounded up 10 more details from GTA 6 leaks that make the game palatable for us.

It may take some time before we see the world in its thousands of events. RDR2 may be responsible for the fact that GTA 6 release continues to be delayed. However, fans are expecting new information about the game soon. The legendary GTA moment 11 years ago was also responsible for this.