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The amazing race of "GRIP - Promi Kart Masters":

The amazing race of “GRIP – Promi Kart Masters”:

Team “Katzenberger” wins (photo)

Munich (OTS)

  • Knockout time in the Grand Final of “GRIP – Promi Kart Masters”
  • Team Katzenberger wins the race as the fastest team

Live from Kraftzentrale Duisburg Yesterday, Monday evening, the audience was shown a first-class race! Smoke tires, crashes, rolls and happy winners: This was the big race for the “GRIP – Promi Kart Masters”. Katzenberger crossed the finish line as the fastest team.

After the exciting qualifiers held on Sunday evening, followed on Monday by the Grand Final of the ‘GRIP – Promi Kart Masters’ tournament, where eight famous teams competed against each other with the support of ‘GRIP’ moderators. The kart track was full of racing because the knockout principle was in place! All three drivers from two competing teams compete against each other on the go-kart circuit at the same time. After ten rounds, the points were determined for which the team was allowed to move to the semi-finals and then to the final.

The “Katzenberger” and the “Kampf der Realitystars” team had their first duel. Despite the win, Matthias Malmedy was left with points and had to say goodbye to the race with Andrej Mangold and Narumol David.

In the second duel “Berlin – Day and Night” against “The Wollnys”, GRIP host Helge Thomsen led his fellow riders Peter Wollny and Florian Köster to the semi-finals. Team “The Geissens” did the same and pushed “Love Island” out of their way.

The fourth duel was played by the “Charming” team against the “Kellys” team. Joey led the race and his son Luke warmed up “GRIP” presenter Lina van de Mars in third place. Kellys won the head-to-head duel and also reached the semi-finals.

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In the semi-finals, the Wollnys had to admit defeat to the Katzenberger team. The daughters of Geiss and Cyndie Allemann scored a surprise victory against the favorite team “Kellys”. Thus, Lucas Cordalis with Joey Heindle and Philipp Kaess and sisters Davina and Shania Geiss with Cyndie Allemann faced each other in the grand finale.

Both teams gave each other nothing in the final: Philip Case managed to secure the race, and GRIP teammate Cindy Aleman had to concede defeat. Thus, the Katzenberger team with Lucas Cordales, Joy Heindel and Philip Kiss won in Duisburg.

The Temperance Team of Kai Ebel and Kathy Wrendel reported directly from the race at Kraftzentrale Duisburg. Commentary on the events on the kart track was provided by Christian Danner. Danner was supported by “GRIP” host Diet Muller.

The show was produced by Brainpool TV.

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