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Dolezal and Grissemann shout "Boo!": At the expense of the actors

Dolezal and Grissemann shout “Boo!”: At the expense of the actors

“I am the artistic director of the summer theatrical city of Haag,” says Dolezal, who is responsible for shaking off the degree of self-irony.

In general, Grissemann opposes very little, sometimes meekly admitting that he regretted doing “something with a cabaret artist”.

real stories

Grissemann’s favorite target in previous radio broadcasts – Albert Fortell – is also accepted, as are other colleagues who have been quoted in the alleged true stories.

He praised himself for the fact that the previous comedy show “Show Royal”, which he co-produced with Stermann in Berlin, “was not even recognized as a comic” by a radio jury. But this may also be due to the German radio jury.

Intensive seminar

The evening is more than just sniffing anecdotes. The corset constitutes a crash course in the performing arts where Dolezal acts as an illustrating object. It begins with imitating animals (the great white shark!), and continues with the disguised “funeral game”, correct waking and controlled crying (“his face as dry as dust”). In five steps you should make it “at least to become an actor in Soko Danube”.

Additionally, the two are recreating a TV ad in which Dominic Thiem only wants to order apple juice. How would it work if it was filmed with real actors. Grissemann imitates Christoph Waltz and Albert Fortel when ordering juice, and confronts Dolezal Paulus Manker and George Friedrich. clarification.

The joke being played is widely honoured, though about timing everything fits, except timing – what’s the joke about that.

On the last point, Sagittarius, everything fits: no boo, but widespread applause for a lot of fun nonsense, which comes across as a bit choppy after the break.

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Who are Knofi and Sophie?

These are the nicknames that Dolezal and Griezmann got from colleagues. In the theater canteen, even Oscar Werner from Hamlet got “dirty,” according to Dolezal.

Grissemann still does well with the “Saufi”.