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The Astrodogs come out in April and show themselves in a new trailer – ntower

The Star Fox 64 is inspired by the shoot ’em up Astrodogs was originally summer 2020 to Nintendo Switch announced. After the Dynamic Media Triad developer project was quiet and only one version was available for PC so far, the release date is now set to April 8 Confirm for the hybrid console. In addition, a new trailer published, which of course we do not want to withhold from you.

Everything seemed to be in place throughout the galaxy until one day, WOOFER, a huge company that provides all kinds of services, became evil and began attacking planets across the system. This is where the Astrodogs, a team of independent bounty hunters and perhaps the only hope of defeating WOOFER, come in. Battle your way through ten different levels that offer a high level of replay value and equip the Astrodogs with endless weapons. You can also choose from a total of four different special weapons and use your instincts to slow down time or aim perfectly. Also, explore the galaxy, discover secrets and unlock colors and skins for your ship.

Are you looking forward to having some fun in the galaxy?

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