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Download manager and more: Telegram with a new update

Download manager and more: Telegram with a new update

Messenger Telegram is receiving another major update. Version 8.6 for iOS It brings, among other things, a download manager, with which managing files should be easier. Other new features are also part of the update.

The Telegram messenger, internationally controversial and accused of promoting the dissemination of hate speech and hate as well as terrorism, has posted another major update.

With the update for iOS to version 8.6, users receive a download manager, among other things. With this feature, users can manage files sent through Telegram more effectively.

Other innovations have been incorporated regarding sending attachments.

Telegram 8.6 brings these innovations

With these words makers cable Details of the innovations in iOS 8.6:

download manager

• Check the status of file and media downloads by clicking on the icon in the search bar.
• View recently downloaded files from the new Downloads tab in the search.
• Pause and resume downloads at any time.

New attachments list
• Faster selection and sending of media, files, and more from the redesigned paperclip menu.
• There in the bottom area you will see a selection of different types of attachments.
• If you want to send multimedia and then see a preview or change the order, after selecting the media, click “Selected” in the top area.
• Click on the search icon under ‘File’ to see recently sent files.

Links with phone numbers
• Share a direct link to your mobile number, which instantly opens a conversation with you.
• Use the full number in international format, for example

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