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The authorities are calling on families in Kherson to flee

The authorities are calling on families in Kherson to flee

After the Russian bombing, the authorities in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine called on families with children to flee. The evacuation order affects twenty communities and the city of Bereslav, located on the Dnipro River, the regional administration announced yesterday via telegram. The letter does not say how many people will be affected by this. So far, only 450 children and their relatives have carried out a formal request from mid-September to seek safety.

It was said that because of the refusal, coercive measures were now necessary. This organization was made necessary by the almost daily artillery bombardment and extensive use of glide bombs by the Russian Air Force against targets on the Ukrainian-controlled bank of the Dnipro River. Civilians were repeatedly killed and injured.

Ukraine confronted the Russian invasion nearly 20 months ago. The Dnipro River has been the front line between the Ukrainian and Russian armies in the Kherson region for nearly a year. Ukrainian units regularly cross the river and harass Russian occupation forces on the other side.

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