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The battery cannot handle pressure on the accelerator pedal

The battery cannot handle pressure on the accelerator pedal

Ford should shut down 35,000 pieces to Mach E 2021 And 2022 call again. Cars are different types that have batteries with extended capacity (extended range). The reason for the recall is fears that the car will stop suddenly when accelerating Performance losses. This can happen through fast charging And repeated Press the accelerator pedal.

Excessive heat during charging and acceleration can cause components to deform, resulting in a loss of energy transfer contact surface. This affects the switch that turns the high voltage battery on and off (High Voltage Battery Junction Box – HVBJB). I mentioned the summons CD player.

Now it should Expanding the faulty contact area Become. This has already been done for cars produced from 2022.

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This is not the first time Ford has dealt with this problem. That’s why there was already 2022 system update, which monitors the temperature of the affected part and, if necessary, reduces the power to avoid overheating. However, according to reports of the owners, this did not completely solve the problem.

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