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“The Beatrice Egli Show” celebrates its premiere!

“The Beatrice Egli Show” will be presented in SWR and MDR for the first time on April 23, after which the Swiss will welcome the great stars. For example, Francine Jordi, Ronja Forcher, Kirsten Ott, Anna Karina Wojczak, Stefan Ross, Sven, Eric Philippi, Tim Peters, Art Garfunkel Jr., Ross Anthony, Paul Reeves and Simino Rossi are on the guest list for the first Beatrice Egli Show.

Beatrice Egli is a very successful Schlager singer!

Beatrice Egli is a wonderful Schlager singer, and the sympathetic Swiss has been an integral part of the Schlager universe since winning “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Beatrice Egli stormed the charts with the DSDS-winning song “Mein Herz” and even reached the top of the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But Beatrice Egli also broke into the No. 1 charts in Germany and Switzerland with the album “All You Need” released last year. Beatrice Egli is now making her own TV show as a presenter and host, “The Beatrice Egli Show” is the new TV format for all Schlager fans.

Beatrice Egli welcomes many superstars to her premiere!

Many of the Beatrice Egli Show guests will have a new album or song with them. So will Russian Semino Bring his recently released album “Today I Have Time for You”. With the new CD, Semino Rossi once again achieved exciting positions in the chart, even topping the charts in his native Austria. Andrew Gaballier He will present his single “A New Beginning”. With this song, Andreas Gaballier is also in the mood for the album of the same name, which is due to be released in the summer. Of course, Volks Rock & Roller took up the pen himself for his new song. Moreover Runja Forcher She co-wrote her new song “In meine Welt”, the result of which was a song in which love plays the main role.

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The Beatrice Egli Show will make for a great evening!

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In addition to the previously mentioned guests, Beatrice Egli will also present the audience with a surprise or two in her new show, the Swiss will surely take the microphone in her hands and delight the Schlager community with her beautiful music. Beatrice Egli has just released a new single called “Ganz Egale”. “The Beatrice Egli Show“It promises to be an all-round hit production, where the focus is success – so it’s definitely worth pursuing.

Author: Schlagerportal
Photo: SWR / Kimmig Entertainment / Manfred H. Vogel