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Chips Rehearsal Room – Two of the greats of the local rock scene are guests at Chips

Chips Rehearsal Room – Two of the greats of the local rock scene are guests at Chips

“High Brian” and “The Heavy Minds” will be performed in the Scheibbs rehearsal room on October 27.

Rehearsal room

DrThe Shapes Rehearsal Room invites you to a live concert with the bands “High Brian” and “The Heavy Minds” next Friday, October 27th.

Before the Sheps Rehearsal Room’s annual extended program comes to an end, the Cultural Association will bring two greats of the local rock scene to Mostviertel in October. High Brian and The Heavy Minds will also stop at Scheibbs on their Austria-wide tour on October 27. Having played numerous concerts at home and abroad in recent years and making a name for themselves on the international music scene, both groups are now releasing their third album on Viennese label Stonefree Records.

Founded in Graz in 2013, High Brian combines elements of psychedelic rock and 70s krautrock in their music, but does so with a Beatles-style harmonious sensibility. The group’s focus is not only on writing good songs, but they also impress with interesting beats and unusual sounds. The Heavy Minds, the second band of the evening, are a wild mix of American rock, 60s rock and neo-psychedelia. Distorted guitars meet spherical synth sounds and faded vocals. After the concerts, DJ Cookie Queen and DJ Andy Candy will treat the audience to the best rock and roll, funk and disco from the turntables.

The event takes place in the Scheibbs rehearsal room (Feldgasse 1, Scheibbs) and starts at 8pm. Admission to the box office is €10 (€8 discount). All additional information about the event can be found at

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