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The best word games for iOS and Android

The best word games for iOS and Android

Before the advent of the smartphone, the crossword puzzle in the newspaper was the highest emotion. The digital age has brought exciting alternatives. App stores full of word games and the success of Wordle are testament to the genre’s popularity.

We give you these Word game apps before:

  • Codecross crossword: iOS and Android
  • NYT Games: iOS and Android
  • Voortle and iOS and Android
  • crush word: iOS and Android
  • super type: iOS and Android

Codecross crossword puzzle

Crossword is one of the most popular word games in the world. First published in the American newspaper New York World in 1913, and Crossword It has been preserved to this day and is now available digitally in various versions. One of these versions is Codycross Crossword. The app combines the classic gameplay with a modern look and a few extra elements that should make the experience more varied.

If we’re first starting Codycross, we’ll start with backstory familiar. Here we learn Good alien, who had to make an emergency landing on Earth and now wants to learn more about humanity. We will help him by solving crossword puzzles. But Codycross doesn’t just offer us colorful crossword puzzles. Instead, there are always new subject areas for us to work through. All puzzles move within a theme.

If we create a level, new levels will be added. next to Puzzle fun Codycross also offers something for the eye. The worlds are very lovingly designed, though there is almost no value in terms of gameplay. Crossword puzzles themselves play according to the well-known scheme. we are different great network Served, which must be filled in with letters or words.

The virtual keyboard not only allows us to type, but also shows the appropriate hint for the selected row. Codycross is basically free, but it hits us hard Lots of ads to. To round out those, there’s a subscription, which isn’t exactly cheap at €4.49 per week or €10.99 per month.

Codycross Crossword Free for iOS And android available.

NYT Games

One of the most famous publications in the world, the New York Times, has an entire fleet of puns. Collected in the NYT Games app, Newspaper presents one right here series of games which is very popular. Classic, The New York Times Crossword, Of course, it should not be missing here. The crossword puzzle, which appears daily in the print edition, can be completed digitally here. Visually, one sticks to the paper version and hasn’t gotten too carried away with the novelty.

However, the digital copy can be played in a convenient way. Related information about the row is displayed above the keyboard. If we want to focus on areas, we can zoom in freely. From Monday to Saturday it increases difficulty level Puzzle.

In addition to the classic game, The New York Times combines other games in the app that have created buzz in the past. There will be, among others Wardle, which exploded in 2022 and was bought outright by the Times because of its success. Here we have to guess 5 letters of a word in 6 attempts.

Also famous spelling bee, where you must create as many words as possible from individual letters arranged like a honeycomb. There is, too Sudoku And a smaller version of a crossword puzzle.

As a fan of Spelling Bee and Wordle, the app is one of my favorites. For some German-speaking users, it may be a drawback that the app is only available english language Takes place. The free version of the application is equipped with ads, for 89.99 € per year you can get the full package with the All Access Pass.

NYT Games is free for iOS And android available.

Voortle and

Certainly one of the most popular word games at the moment is Wordle. While the original was adopted by The New York Times and can still be played there, it is not ideal for German-speaking players. Shortly after the hype started, German offshoots appeared that took over the 1:1 concept. One of the few apps still available here is Voortle, next to German French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are also offered.

Voortle also offers several variants that bring some extra variety and challenges to your everyday Wordle. In addition to the classic 5-letter variant, we can also use 4, 6 or 7 letters He plays. Otherwise, stick to the original version. Letters can be listed in 6 rows, the combinations must be logical and the correct letters must be highlighted in colour.

Although Voortle appeared to have a reasonable command of the German language, there was occasionally confusion in the test. The app seems to have problems with discoloration tags and some brands, like Apple, also use it as a German word. If you want to save yourself from these annoyances and ads that can be removed for 6.99 euros, wordle. at to become happy.

Although there is no native app here, the game works great in the browser. the Web application he True to the original And so far I haven’t noticed any incorrect words. Those who have activated cookies can continue their streak of success.

Voortle is free for iOS And android available. wordle. at Available for free as a web app.

word crush

Word Crush is a lesser known, but entertaining game. At first glance, Word Crush is reminiscent of the classic Tetris car. Except for towers made of blocks, the two games have nothing in common. Word Crush is about finding the words in the jumble of letters. At the beginning of each round we are presented with a new interface consisting of dozens of towers of letters.

The words are hidden in these constellations that we have to look for. If we find a word, we can highlight it by hovering over the matching letters. The found words and corresponding letters are then pulled from the tower thus creating new word combinations.

Word Crush can be played solo or competitively with others, depending on your needs. Progress can then be compared at any time via a separate ranking. Although I personally don’t like Word Crush visually, the gameplay could hardly be better. The mechanics are simple, the puzzles also fit in between thanks to their compact structure and the choice of words helps expand vocabulary.

Word Crush is free for iOS And android available.

Overhead type

Anyone looking for a A completely new concept It is, you will find it in supertype. Instead of looking for or highlighting words, words and letters become the tool here. Supertype follows a very simple yet challenging concept. about more than 100 levels Distributed we find lines in different arrangements. These lines can be completely straight or crooked, are arranged differently from each other and usually contain gaps.

If there are no strokes, we may have to paint them ourselves. However, messages are included in all cases. We have to use these letters to collect or touch one or more points in the respective level. The respective letter shapes play a crucial role. While an ‘o’ rolls down, for example, an ‘r’ is needed at some point, which has to fall in a targeted manner. Sometimes one letter is enough Point collectionbut in some levels, you need complete words to capture many points.

The special concept of the ultra mode attracted me during testing. The tasks are not easy and some progress Puzzle fun. It’s a pleasure too one-time payment, which is due. A little over €2 is required, and fortunately there are no subscriptions or microtransactions here.

The supertype is priced at around 2.49 euros iOS and 1.89 euros for android available.

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