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The BMW trinity of the future: electric, digital, circular

The BMW trinity of the future: electric, digital, circular

In the future, the focus at BMW will be on beauty, technology, sustainability and exclusivity. The all-electric X Series also delivers on the brand's promise of 'fun to drive'. The new Vision vehicle sets the trend, and the first cars of this type are scheduled to enter serial production from 2025.

Generous, progressive design – BMW presents a car with a new vision.

Photo: BMW Group

BMW has always had its own understanding of city off-road vehicles. Therefore, the manufacturer does not refer to the X model series as an SUV, that is, a sports utility vehicle, but as a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). Now the BMW Group has presented a new vision for this model series. The new Vision Series cars no longer represent just a car or a concept, but a redefinition of the BMW brand. With the There is also a fourth dimension, namely the newly developed drive and chassis control system.

This battery charges in just five minutes!

“At work are four completely new masterminds at the BMW of the future: high-performance computers that intelligently bring together what previously worked separately. We developed the first mastermind 100% ourselves. It integrates complete driving and driving dynamics with up to ten times the computing power.” “Mastermind II makes the next long leap in automated driving possible,” says Frank Weber, Chief Development Officer at BMW AG. “By combining four important control devices into one high-performance computer, customers can count on greater dynamism, precision, efficiency and more.” Fun to drive.

BMW relies on round battery cells for the new series

The sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology will bring plenty of performance to the new models. The package also includes new lithium-ion battery cells, integrated in a circular shape for the first time. Compared to previous prismatic-shaped cells, they provide approximately 20 percent higher volumetric power density. Generally, you switch the system to 800 volts and thus increase the charging speed. According to the manufacturer, this should be up to 30 percent faster. For example, a 300 km range can be charged in ten minutes. This is also offset by improved dynamics, which should further contribute to efficiency thanks to reduced air resistance.

Rear view of the BMW New Class Vision

The rear of the new X series is as strong and dynamic as the front.

Photo: BMW Group

The interior of the BMW New Class Vision

One thing dominates the interior: lots of light.

Photo: BMW Group

Total BMW New Class Vision

The kidney grille should be particularly noticeable in the new category thanks to the lighting.

Photo: BMW Group

Interior materials of the BMW New Class Vision

BMW relies on materials that can be recycled and is made from recycled materials.

Photo: BMW Group

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