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The Canadian Space Agency reveals fake space craters

The Canadian Space Agency reveals fake space craters

An impact crater is formed when an object like an asteroid or meteor hits the surface of a larger solid body like a planet or moon! Tyco nozzle In the southern hemisphere of the moon, which is said to be about 108 million years old. ” CSA on X (formerly Twitter). However, the photo posted is not of Tycho Crater.

Posted on X.

The image appears instead Barringer Crater in the US state of Arizona. The impact site is located on the southern Colorado Plateau, whose desert climate has preserved the crater quite well. There is even one Visitor Center on the crater rim, which can also be seen on the shaft. However, the image is actually from NASA.

It is not clear if it was posted by mistake or on purpose. with more than 600,000 views and 700 comments However, it is one of the most popular tweets from the CSA. Most users indicate that it is not a lunar crater.

The effect is only 50,000 years ago

Barringer Crater is actually an impact crater, but only before that 50,000 years must arise. At that time the area was still wetter and cooler and it was Woolly mammoths, giant sloths, and camels inhabited.

The meteorite that caused the crater was the same diameter 45 metresIt weighed 300,000 tons and was mostly made of iron. The impact wiped out life within a radius of 4 km, creating a fireball 10 km in diameter. The explosion destroyed everything within a radius of 20 kilometers.

Tycho’s crater is much larger

This may sound impressive, but in comparison Tyco nozzle But hardly any. Tycho Crater, named after the Danish astronomer Tycho BraheIt is approximately 85 km in diameter 2000 times greater.

The actual Taiko crater.

The actual Taiko crater.

At about 5 kilometers deep, it is considered relatively deep compared to other lunar craters. It is also at least 1,600 meters high middle of the mountain It is visible radiology system that surround it formed around the impact crater.

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