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The canceled Iron Man game has been in development for two years

The canceled Iron Man game has been in development for two years

Founding Partner of Avalanche StudiosChristopher Sundberg announced that Iron Man is in development at the studio but has been canceled due to reduced development time and increased budget.

Surprisingly, the fracture was present iron man game Two years in development at the time of cancellation. Sundberg announced that with iron man 3 The MCU movie was supposed to be released, but Avalanche was asked to shorten the development time, which was absolutely not possible at the time.

“You could have destroyed the entire studio if we had agreed to that,” said Sondberg. “We should have hired 70 to 80 people for the team I was responsible for.”

Sundberg has not revealed more about the canceled Iron Man match. He just added that the game has a melee combat system similar to the Batman Arkham series A must have and iron man suit can fly anywhere with iron man expeller blasts.

While it’s a pity that we haven’t been able to play Iron Man, Marvel fans have gotten a lot of new games since then. This includes Spider-Man from MarvelAnd the Spider-Man: Miles Morales And the Avengers marvel. Midnight from Marvel It’s for 2023 only.

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