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Parcel SMS: Trojan - Warning (Your parcel has been sent)

Parcel SMS: Trojan – Warning (Your parcel has been sent)

By clicking on a link in the SMS package, the cell phone owner inadvertently downloads malware, which scammers can use to gain access to the cell phone and send SMS messages that are subject to a fee. In addition, fraudulent SMS is forwarded to the contacts of the cell phone owner.

Information: This is an error. Phishing is a combination of the words SMS and phishing. With this type of cybercrime, the victim receives a fake SMS containing a link that takes the user to a website. This form is already known through so-called phishing emails. Then sensitive data is requested on that website or malware is installed.

Provides the link in the fake SMS package Dangerous for Android smartphone users – and only then, If you have manually installed the displayed application file (APK) on your smartphone. The link leads to a website that doesn’t have package notifications – but an “APK file”. An APK file is in turn a program file for an Android application.

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Screenshot of the fake SMS package saying: “Your package has been sent. Please review and accept it.”

Opening SMS by itself does not pose any danger, but it will APK file Installed, it can, for example, forward all received SMS. This allows offenders, among other things, to obtain security codes to log into accounts and websites. The application also enables full remote control of the cell phone. This, in turn, can be used to access your bank account, place orders at online portals or click advertisements and other malicious links on the websites you visit.

What should you pay attention to now?

In this case, iPhone users are safe from this APK file because iPhones do not allow the app to be installed outside the App Store. However, this differs for Android users, but Android users are not completely helpless either.

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In order for the virus to be installed on the mobile phone, several conditions must occur at the same time:

  1. The recipient of the fake SMS package must first click on the link and call up the address in their browser.
  2. Behind the title is a website that offers the APK file and tells you how to install it.
  3. To do this, you must activate the manual installation of applications from other sources on the cell phone (sideloading).
  4. In the end, the recipient must explicitly agree to install this APK file.
APK file screenshot

Note: If you receive a real notification of the package via SMS, you must download an additional APK file, which we do not know about at the moment. Usually you will be redirected to the website of the respective delivery service.

Therefore: if you receive such SMS, do not click on the link. If you write anyway, don’t allow the APK file to be installed!

Our advice to you

  • Never click on links that you get unexpectedly or from strangers,
  • It is possible to set up a third party lock with your cell phone provider. This ban prevents payments via mobile phone bill to third parties,
  • Do not confirm the installation of third-party applications and deactivate the automatic installation of applications in the settings of your phone,
  • Make a backup regularly.

If you have already downloaded the malware, proceed as follows:

  • Put your smartphone in flight mode,
  • Inform your provider
  • In safe mode, try to uninstall the unwanted app,
  • Check if you can reset the smartphone to factory settings without losing important data.
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How to identify fraudulent text messages?

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for identifying scam text messages. In general, it is advisable to be suspicious and pay attention to any anomalies in the SMS text, such as strange URLs, misspellings, special characters in inappropriate parts of the text, etc., these can be indicators that something is wrong. If you have the slightest doubt whether the parcel notice is dangerous, there are other ways: check your current orders online with mail order companies and use only tracking applications offered by postal service providers via official application stores.

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