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The candidate elicits Jauch’s strict anti-fraud rule “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

The candidate elicits Jauch’s strict anti-fraud rule “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Just two days after Günter Jauch entertained his viewers for more than 4 hours alongside Thomas Gottschalk and 2023 Television Award winner Barbara Schönberger, he asked the question again on Monday evening at 8:15 pm on RTL: “Who wants to be a millionaire?” `

This time too, 6 candidates felt called to try their luck with the “God of Tests” Günter Jauch, with one young woman in particular being highlighted.

The candidate wrests iron judgment from Jauch

Sandra Maria Hanser (employee of the Catholic Church) confidently completed Jauch’s marathon of questions when suddenly the conversation turned to her companion “Maxi” and it became known how Jauch prevented any fraud attempts on the show.


Candidate Sandra, who gave those around her (including her companion Maxi) a rule before the show: “I told everyone beforehand that they should never tell me after the show that they knew anything.Through this tale, Yauch inadvertently elicits one of his strict rules, and this one is particularly disgusting because it is intended to nip fraud attempts in the bud.

Who will be a millionaire?

This is how Jauch prevents shipment fraud

Because although Yauch is considered particularly talkative, the 67-year-old always steps back when the opportunity arises, and for good reason.

He is always very reluctant to ask the people who accompany him (and therefore we did not do this in practice) whether they know the answer to a still valid question: “Because it is possible that they agreed in advance, according to their answer, and that would then be an indicator to them whether he was right or wrong.“This means that pre-shipment agreements are meaningless and no chance of any fraud is given up front,” says Jauch. Smart.

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