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St. Poultner’s Band – “The Attic” took first place with “Insanity” in the 88.6 Band Contest

St. Poultner’s Band – “The Attic” took first place with “Insanity” in the 88.6 Band Contest

The Attic is an unknown rock band in the state capital and beyond. The band was founded nine years ago, and their debut album “Welcome to the Attic” was released in 2019. After many shows from St. Pölten to Upper Austria, the band was able to name themselves the winner of the 88.6 band competition since Saturday.

“We still can’t believe we are the winners of the Rot-Weiß-Rock 88.6 stage. “We are extremely grateful for the support and incredibly thrilled,” says band leader Felix Büchner. Fans of the five musicians voted in droves. Throughout August, Music fans were able to vote online for “The Attic” and one hundred other Austrian bands. 12 musicians made it to the semi-finals – including the St. Pöltner Rock-Röhren band. “The Attic” finally competed with four other bands last Saturday At the Arena Vienna. With a live performance of their current single “Insanity”, they not only impressed the jury but also the audience. The four-member band received the most votes and were chosen by the radio station 88.6. Stream their songs on 88.6 Radio, announcing her upcoming single and appearances at 88.6 events including the first place.

“About 50 people stood in front of the stage in ‘The Attic’ T-shirts and celebrated our performance. “This support from our friends and fans was such a great feeling,” says Bochner, looking back at the winning party. For the band, the first place is to confirm that their music resonates with people. the people.

On November 1st, The Attic will release their new single “November 1st”. The group is currently working on the accompanying music video. “The filming will take place over the next two weeks. Our low-budget idea is now more complex and expensive. Someone will catch fire,” Buchner announces. There are also some concerts coming up. On December 8th, the rock band will play at the Frei:raum St. Pölten.

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More information and concert dates can be found below And on the Instagram page “”.