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“The Celebrity Million show for LIGHT INTO THE DARK” November 28th on ORF 2

Caroline Athanasiades, Johannes Silberschneider, Christian Stani and Julia Stemberger grill Armin Assinger’s for a good cause

Vienna (OTS) On Monday, November 28, 2022, four celebrities will once again dare to step into the middle to show their knowledge, logical thinking, common sense and correct use of pranks at the “Celebrity Million Show for LIGHT IN THE DARK” at 8.15pm at ORF 2 to play for up to €75,000 For a good cause. Moderator and cabaret artist Caroline Athanasiades, actor Johannes Silberschneider, musician Christian Stani and actress Julia Stemberger successfully challenge test professor Armin Assinger and work their way up the question tree. Profits from this edition are provided by LIDL Austria and EPAMEDIA.

Candidates are required to answer up to 15 challenging test questions in the usual way. Among other things:

“Strategic incompetence” is the tactic allegedly used by many men to…?
A: Exaggeration of talent
B: Avoid household chores
A: Perform leadership skills
D: Salary increase

Four celebrities play with LIGHT INTO THE DARK – including Caroline Athanasiades, Johannes Silberschneider, Christian Stany and Julia Stemberger

Presenter and cabaret artist Caroline Athanasiades: “Actually, I’ve always wanted to go to the ‘Million Show’. Of course it’s easier now because it’s definitely my turn. That’s why I’m looking forward to it – ‘The Million Show’, it’s fun!” ? I said right away: Of course I will. I’ve already done a lot of things for LIGHT IN THE DARK, I’d do a lot of things – not everything, but a lot. “Does she have merit as a quiz host? “It’s a completely different thing. Of course I’m nervous, because I’ve never done that.” Her areas of specialization: “Harry Potter, Disney, music and literature—with music and literature it depends on the direction. Geography isn’t great.”

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Actor Johannes Silberschneider on his participation in the “Celebrity Million Show for LIGHT INTO THE DARK”: “I am happy!” About his previous audition, he said: “Quiz shows have always interested me a lot. I was a very big quiz listener in my youth – I did the radio quiz once.” You have the protection of the role—at least for the time you play. You are at the mercy of everything, including your memory or your memory. The same as an audition and a stage: you depend on your partners.”

Did musician Christian Stani immediately agree? “First I said right away, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it!’ I didn’t start thinking about whether that was a good idea until later. Then I started practicing and I got more and more stressed. Now I’m so happy to be here.” I try to hold back a bit because it’s for a good cause.” His approach to the show’s theme: “Because I’m an educator for people with disabilities at my original job, I know LICHT IN DUNKEL, of course, I’ve followed it up over and over again and I also know that people with disabilities are still dependent on donations. They are Not only are they poor and needy, but they can also be very independent.”

Actress Julia Stemberger sees her post previously as “embarrassing for good reason.” As to what areas she is good at, she says: “Not necessarily in popular music, but you can ask me something about music—and a little bit about literature, in connection with my profession.” Further: “In real life, I think I’m a gambler. I jump on the deep end a lot. When it comes to losing something due to light sensitivity in the dark, I’d probably be more careful. Losing €10,000 that you shouldn’t lose – I’d rather quit.” About her role in the show, the actress says: “My role is to win something for a good cause.”

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Question Tree for “Celebrity Million Show for Light In the DARK”

In the case of ORF’s Millions of Celebrities Shown Light in the Dark, the question tree again includes 15 challenging knowledge questions from different regions and goes up to €75,000 questions. In total, the four nominees could earn €300,000 for LIGHT INTO THE DARK. As usual, 50:50 joker, joker candidate and phone joker are available to support the celebrity.

First question: 100 euros
Second question: 200 euros
Third question: 300 euros
Fourth question: 400 euros
Fifth question: 500 euros
Sixth question: 1000 euros
Question 7: 2000 euros
Question eight: 4,000 euros
Question nine: 6,000 euros
Question 10: 10,000 euros
Question Eleven: 15,000 euros
Twelfth question: 25 thousand euros
Question thirteen: 35 thousand euros
Question fourteen: 50,000 euros
Question fifteen: 75,000 euros

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