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The Chinese probe on Mars is sending its first photos and videos back to Earth

The Chinese probe on Mars is sending its first photos and videos back to Earth

A few days ago, China made one Historic landing On Mars. Well you delivered it Rover Zorong The first images of the red planet. A black and white image appears as a file The environment of the great utopia PlanetiaThat Zhurong landed. a The color photo shows parts of the rover, Including the antenna through which you are communicating with Earth.

On Twitter The official rover account stated: “Everything looks fine! Get ready for the mission and research missions. Is there water / ice 100 meters below the surface of Mars? We will find out.” The black and white image shows the slope Zhurong will soon use to orbit the Martian floor.

The video shows the separation from the orbit

The Chinese space agency also has it Two short video clips Chest. They explain how a file The landing capsule separates the rover from the orbiter Tianwen-1.

Very comparable Data transfer speed From NASA – Perseverance Rovers It took Zhurong a little longer to send the first pictures after landing on May 15. The Chinese rover transmits a radio signal to The X frequency range is directly on the groundWhich, however, is time consuming. To transfer big picture data, it is first sent to a file Orbit Tianwen-1 Forwarded to them in UHF frequency range It travels faster.

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Data transfer speed

To make the landing, Tianwen-1 was in an elliptical orbit. This has now been converted to a faster circular path. The Chinese Space Agency wrote that data could be transferred more quickly in the future On Twitter.

a HD video of the landing You should hit the ground in the next few days. Zhurong is slated to start working soon and will last at least 3 months Surface of Mars And the the weather Checking. You must follow the rover, too Effects of life Search.