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iPhone Makes You 'Slaves to Apple'

iPhone Makes You ‘Slaves to Apple’

Pavel Durov He may no longer be a fan of Apple. “Every time I use an iPhone to test our iOS app, I feel like I’m back in the Middle Ages. 60 Hz screens from Iphone Caddy with modern 120 Hz screens from Male in appearance– Smartphones just can’t keep up, “he writes In posting a blog. An ‘old’ Apple device And iPhone usersDigital slavesFrom Apple, says Telegram founder.

You can only install apps that can be found in the App Store and you can only use Apple’s iCloud service to make backups automatically. So it is no wonder that Apple has chosen a “totalitarian approach” in China to support the Chinese Communist Party in monitoring its own citizens.

File photo: Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov delivers a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Pavel Durov attacked Apple

Observation in China

Doroff’s latest statement relates to one The New York Times PostAccordingly, Apple should be involved in large-scale surveillance and censorship operations in China. The Chinese government should have access to Data centers in Guiyang Receipt. Apple also has full control over all the apps that iPhone users install, according to the Telegram CEO.

The current reason for Dorov posting is unclear, but the story has a background of course: in 2018 it did Telegram app removed from app store Because “inappropriate content” has been distributed via the app.

Durow was initially russischen Facebook-Klon Vkontakte But he gave up control of the company under pressure from the Kremlin. With Telegram, he then established a messaging service that advertised efficient encryption, but it could only be set for private messages, and that’s only optional. In addition, Telegram is not an open source program and it can be used by authorities for spying due to its many flaws.

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