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The city's music offers melodies that move the world

The city's music offers melodies that move the world

Under the theme “We are the world – global successes at the castle”, Stadtmusik Lienz invites you to a spectacular outdoor fireworks show on Sunday, June 16 at 7:30 p.m. Kapellmeister Magdalena Pircher leads 60 musicians on the mobile stage in Linz.

“The title of our concert stems from two levels: On the one hand, we bring together our own wishes for the past year as a club. On the other hand, the title aims to be a tribute to peace. We bring together the songs that move the whole world in one concert. A reminder of what music can do: connect. Trust “Breaking boundaries,” is how the musical director describes the show's tagline.

These sonic pearls also inspire the musicians themselves

The musicians have rehearsed hard for several weeks. “And with a lot of youthful energy,” Bircher says happily. “When listening to the tunes of ABBA, Udo Jürgens or Michael Jackson, no soul remains static. Making music is not only fun for the boys, it also improves the morale of those musicians who have been members of the band for many years. Because the familiar sounds remind us of our youth.”

However, the program is very demanding. Each individual instrument is challenged with solo passages, rhythmic precision is required and the necessary Sunday 'groove' must not be absent. Bircher: “It's not so easy with literature that thrives on singing, but this challenge does not diminish the anticipation of the concert. Accompany the Stadtmusik Lienz during a relaxing summer evening, perhaps with a glass or two of wine and look forward to an uninterrupted evening of music.”

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