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This is how you can enjoy a stress-free ride – 5 minutes

This is how you can enjoy a stress-free ride – 5 minutes

Posted on June 11, 2024 at 7:12 pm /©5 minutes

The Nova Rock Festival is approaching: Burgenland's Pannonian Fields will rock again from June 13th to 16th. ÖAMTC offers tips for a successful trip.

from Gerrit Chiro

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This year, more than 200,000 visitors are expected to attend the Nova Rock Festival, which takes place from June 13 to 16 in the Pannonian Fields of Burgenland. In order to make the journey as smooth as possible, the concept of an advanced approach has proven itself for many years. Traffic experts at ÖAMTC warn that there will still be traffic jams during peak travel times.

The danger of traffic jams: driving with insight

The Eastern Motorway (A4) is direct access to the festival site Nickelsdorf's departure You reach the fields of Pannonia. If the crowd is very large, information will be provided if necessary Mönchhof motorway exit redirection. Pay attention when Shwechat knot (A4) There is a construction site with a narrow road. Please ensure you set your speed here (speed limit is 60km/h!) and expect delays if necessary. ÖAMTC asks everyone to drive with special insight and line up on the right before departure to avoid sudden lane changes. The instructions of security guards must be followed at all times; Rescue and supply routes must always remain clear.

Shuttle service from Nickelsdorf Sports Arena

Anyone who wants to bring or take festival visitors to Nova Rock cannot drive directly to the site. In the Nickelsdorf Sports Arena There is a specially equipped parking lot, and from there you can take a shuttle bus directly to the festival site. Experience has shown that the journey extends over several days. The majority of visitors use Thursdays to get there.

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It is recommended to travel by public transportation

For anyone who wants to go to Nova Rock Festival as stress-free as possible, we recommend traveling by public transportation; There are several options by train and bus: Nova Rock special trains run without any intermediate stops Vienna Midling and Nickeldorf. You can take buses to the festival from many cities. Shuttle buses run between Nickelsdorf Train Station, Nickelsdorf city centre And the festival area In the Fields of Pannonia II.

ÖAMTC tips for problem-free Nova Rock

  • Reduce energy consumption! Cooling boxes in particular should be temporarily turned off. Radios and air conditioners in cars also consume a lot of energy.
  • Remember where you parked your car well, or you can save the coordinates on your cell phone.
  • Make sure to take a spare key with you and give it to someone traveling with you. For legal reasons, ÖAMTC is allowed to open cars so that festival visitors can at least get their belongings out of the car, but they cannot start them. For example, you can make a key easily identifiable with a tag and thus identify it more quickly if it is lost in a lost property service.

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