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The company’s bicycles are becoming more popular –

The company’s bicycles are becoming more popular –


About 450 companies in Tyrol provide their employees with company bikes. The trend is growing strong. A company bike costs nothing to companies. The so-called “company bike” benefit has been tax deductible since 2020.

With a company bike, companies only have to deal with management. However, there are no additional costs. Financing and contractual details are taken care of by companies that specialize in bicycle rental.

“win-win” situation

For example, the company Innio in Jenbach offers its employees the opportunity to rent bicycles at a tax rate for a year now. The company talks about three main advantages. Employees can choose and configure their dream bike themselves. The company can also advertise this offer. And the third winner is the environment. We’re reducing carbon dioxide because the employee leaves their car at home,” says Martin Muhlbacher, Innio’s general manager.


The company bicycle rental rate is deducted from the gross salary and thus reduces the wage tax. Employees save about 35 percent compared to private purchases.

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