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The competitor makes an attractive proposition for VanMoof buyers

The competitor makes an attractive proposition for VanMoof buyers

VanMoof seems to have made a gamble. The famous manufacturer of e-bikes has started bankruptcy proceedings in the Netherlands, and the store and online stores have been closed. For customers who already own a VanMoof e-bike, termination is in full swing. But a competitor is now offering VanMoof drivers a smart offer.

The offer for VanMoof customers: Competitor offers discount hardcore e-bikes

Things quickly went downhill with VanMoof: If previously only more financing was needed, a payment freeze and now bankruptcy quickly followed. If you have a Dutch brand e-bike, you can still ride it. indeed Several jobs that make up VanMoof on edge, If the company is forced to shut down the servers.

The concern is likely to get many customers hooked with their e-bike – apparently the competitor believes blurry. The Hungarian brand is much less known than the big e-bike startups VanMoof or Cowboy. But now the manufacturer is using one Attractive presentation psychology: VanMoof owners can trade in their e-bike for a Blurby for a deep discount.

If you want to ditch the VanMoof S2 or S3, you can expect a discount of at least €500 when you buy a new Hungarian e-bike. latest S5 So come checkout at Blurby To a huge discount of 1000 euros.

Cowboy also helps Handicapped VanMoof owners with an app to get out of trouble:

VanMoof e-bikes will have to “to be complete and contain all original parts”, To be eligible for a swap, Bluerby writes on their site website. So if you’ve ever tinkered with your e-bike – even if it’s just to change the pedals – you must return all original parts to secure a rebate.

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However, VanMoof e-bikes don’t have to be practical. As long as it is completed, the broken VanMoof can give you a discount of several hundred euros. Blurby provides more information on their website.

The latest models of VanMoof brings you the biggest discount in Blurby:

Introducing the VanMoof S5 and VanMoof A5

Blurby e-bikes: What kind of bikes are they actually?

But if you want to replace VanMoof with the Blurby model, you should be aware of this Both brands are completely different We are. While VanMoof customers can get their hands on a stylish, connected e-bike, VanMoof Blurby wheels are more traditional designer. The permanently installed battery makes them barely recognizable as e-bikes from the outside—but charging them is more complicated if you don’t have your own garage, for example.

However, Blurby’s biggest drawback is the same as it is with VanMoof: components made to order and coiled Electronics repairs are performed by the manufacturer only done. So if there are any issues with Blurby in the future, you may find yourself in the same situation again.

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