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Starfield (Rollenspiel) von Bethesda

The developer reveals juicy details about the faction missions

Starfield’s lead quest designer, Will Shen, is now expanding on faction quests for Bethesda’s next title. There is also new information about the companions we meet.

For example, he talks about the fact that the missions of the so-called factions are very similar to quests Skyrim Aim for similarity rather than design Fallout 4 to approach. In addition, our comrades must be able to take over communication tasks in the Starfield.

Starfield: This is what faction missions are supposed to look like

A comparison with Skyrim already shows that we should be able to tackle faction quests in Starfield independently. They can be completed in any order, unlike Fallout 4’s chosen system. In Fallout 4, we’re no longer able to choose from other faction missions once we’ve joined one.

“One of the first things we decided was that the main mission would give a little tour around the stable systems and all the major players out there to give you an idea of ​​what they intend to do,” Shane comments on this in a new video.

Additionally, he explains, “We really want to make sure you can play through all of the faction lines independently… We really want the stories to be a little bit more personal, right? You influence the direction that faction will go.”

He points out that finishing as the leader of each faction with Starfield is not necessarily required, but also that each faction’s quest line should reflect our choices. However, our decisions “must have far-reaching consequences for what constitutes this group and what are its interests.”

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New details about the Companions

Shin also comments on his comrades in the Starfield. They will represent “a lot of opinions” and will not hesitate to share their opinions with us. Furthermore, there must be places in the course of the story where we can ask our companion to make decisions for us.

“You may have a buddy with you and be challenged or someone says ‘You can’t go through here’… You can walk up to them and say ‘Hey, can you do this’ and they will speak for you.”

But at the same time, Shane also warns of possible unintended consequences of what your mate says, depending on what he says. Anyway, we already know That Starfield should be a particularly dialogue-heavy game.

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