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Kids of Silenttown - the first made to introduce the design

Kids of Silenttown – the first made to introduce the design

Point-and-click adventure games are on the rise again, which also has developers Elf Games and Luna2 involved. Silenttown kids has been committed. The first made today is dedicated to game design.

The first video introduces the game’s story – from the concept of an animated short to its realization as a video game – and shows how much passion and humor they put into the project. Making Video also explains how this proposal has evolved into a full-fledged game today – by a small group of people who spend their spare time alongside their full-time jobs in software development and content creation on YouTube. Silenttown kids Pottery. The passion that this team exudes is infectious and has been slowly but surely injected into the project over the years.

in Silenttown kids It follows Lucy, a young girl growing up near a forest inhabited by monsters. It is up to her and the player to solve the puzzles of the environment and learn to use her voice. Play mini-games, solve puzzles and collect clues, accompanied by great music and a weird but endearing hand-drawn graphic style. The songs in particular play a big role, and depending on how much Lucy learns, you can experience one of several endings.

Silenttown kids It will be released in 2023.

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