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The “dirty” VSV comes under the wheels in Bolzano

The “dirty” VSV comes under the wheels in Bolzano

Obviously, Villach lost 1:6 in Bolzano. Carinthians is already in danger of being eliminated from the qualifiers on Saturday. HCB captain Frank had to be taken to hospital after Golod's bad scan.

He's been waiting since 2006 EC iDM VSV heat pumps To get the championship title in Win2day Ice Hockey League. That doesn't seem to be changing this year either. The Villachers conceded in Game 3 of their quarter-final duel against Hexachlorobenzene South Tyrol Berea A clear defeat of 1:6 – and they showed that they are bad losers.

In the primary round, Villach were actually the fairest team in the entire league, taking 39 penalty minutes on Thursday night. Posen was very cold and scored four of his six goals on the power play. Füchse now leads 3-0 in the best-of-7 series and could already do so on Saturday (Live on PULS 24 & GwenClose the bag.

Bolzano – VSV: highlights

Strong “foxes”.

Bolzano continued the successful trend and took an early lead. Josh Tevez (Fifth) scored on the power play – from a penalty kick Benjamin Lanzinger – 1:0. Füchse played a strong match, while Villach had frequent problems, especially in the build-up.

at least Jean-Philippe Lamoureux Villach was on the ball from the start. Then it was Andrew Desjardins (XV) which became dangerous to the Carinthians for the first time.

At the end of the first section, the sport faded into the background. After a late check of Wisdom – a saying Golod stayed Daniel sincere Lying on the ice. The rescue team had to take Captain Bolzano to the hospital. To the dismay of the home fans, Goulud received just a two-minute penalty for the obstruction. Scorer Tevez: “That was a dirty move.”

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Daniel FrankHCB/Vanna Antonello

HCB captain Daniel Frank remained on the ice after a tough hit from Maxime Goulud.

Hard game

Things were tough in the second third as well. Dylan Tuesday Berna (22.) He received a blow from Desjardins and hit his head on the ice. Referees' decision: Penalty kick. Although the move did not seem as brutal as Golaud's check, it was game over for Desjardins.

As well as being a newcomer to Villach Ethan hat He received a penalty kick, and it's time: Mike Hello (24th place) Increased the score to 2-0 on the 5v3 power play. It's not enough, beat him Connor Ford (26.) – Still in the majority – the fast double package of the “Füchse”. Villach was now truly in danger of falling under the wheels.

Something clear

Bolzano did not let off the throttle at the start of the final third. Dominic Alberga (42.) Increased to 4:0 – again on the power play. Daniel Mantinoto (45.) He scored the next goal for “Füchse” from a beautiful solo shot. HCB now had an easy game – Dustin Flirt with me (48) He filled half a dozen. Robert Sabulich (59) He scored a consolation goal in the end.

As Posen announced on social media during the match, Frank's game is actually improving. It is said that he has already been examined at the hospital. It remains unclear whether Golaud will be part of the game on Saturday or if he will receive a longer ban.

win2day ICE Hockey League (Playoffs, Quarterfinals, Game 3)
HCB Südtirol Alperia – heat pumps EC iDM VSV 6:1 (1:0.2:0.3:1)
Sparkass Arena (Posen), audience: 3020, SAR: Huber, Zrnic, Hribar, Zjonc


  • 1:0 (5th) Tevez
  • 2:0 (xxiv) Halmo
  • 3:0 (26th place) Ford
  • 4:0 (42) Al-Barja
  • 5:0 (45) Mantinoto
  • 6:0 (48) Jazzly
  • 6:1 (59) Sabulich

Ranking (Top 7): 3-0 to Bolzano

Remaining results:

  • KAC – Conquerors 7:0 (Series: 2:1)
  • Salzburg – Lens 5:1 (string: 2:1)
  • Postertal Fahirvar 4:3 after that (Silsila: 1:2)