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The European Union decides today to impose sanctions on Russia

The European Union decides today to impose sanctions on Russia

According to EU diplomats, ambassadors of EU member states are still discussing possible sanctions against Russia this morning. According to the EU representative, EU foreign ministers can decide on punitive measures against Russia after their meeting in Paris in the afternoon. Punitive measures can be limited, and some EU member states may call for more comprehensive sanctions.

On Tuesday afternoon, the European Union wants to make a decision on the first sanctions against Russia in connection with the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. “Of course, our response will be in the form of sanctions,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in Paris on Tuesday. The scope will be decided by EU foreign ministers. “I’m sure there will be a unanimous decision.”

It is not yet clear whether an EU summit on development will be held in Ukraine. If there is a meeting, it will be with the heads of state and government present in person.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian emphasized the unity of Europeans towards Russia and announced a unified approach with measures and sanctions. On Tuesday morning, Le Drian strongly condemned Russia’s recognition of the breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine. It is a violation of international law and the integrity of Ukraine, as well as a termination of international obligations and the Minsk treaties.

In view of the unacceptable behavior of Russia, Le Drian affirmed solidarity with Ukraine. France currently holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The Green Party demanded that primary economic sanctions be imposed on Russia by the European Union. Michel Raymond, EU spokesperson for the Greens, demanded: “The Nord Stream 2 pipeline project must be immediately and permanently canceled by the EU. This is a dangerous reaction that can be implemented almost immediately, even before the invasion occurs. Economic sanctions leave the door open for solutions Politically, the EU must remain the target in this crisis. Moreover, tougher steps must be taken if Putin’s Russia does not find its way back to diplomacy.”

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According to Spain, the EU and NATO cannot allow the territorial integrity of Ukraine to be violated. “Russia needs to know that the strength of the European Union and NATO is absolute and comprehensive,” said Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles. We cannot allow a violation of international law or an assault on Ukraine’s territorial integrity, which undoubtedly happened.” But Spain and its partners still gave diplomacy a chance.

Greece accuses Russia of violating international law by recognizing the two breakaway regions. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Athens, recognition of independence is also a violation of the Minsk Agreement and a violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Greece will coordinate with its European Union and NATO partners how to respond.