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The F1 legend sees the risk in the return of Daniel Ricciardo

The F1 legend sees the risk in the return of Daniel Ricciardo

Ex-Formula 1 driver and current TV presenter Martin Brundle sees some danger in the Australian’s return. “I’m really happy for Daniel that he can race again,” said the 64-year-old, “but my first reaction was – wow, is he really doing it?” sky.

It is a “huge risk” for Ricciardo as he will be “in what may be the slowest car on the grid”. The veteran should be given a period of adjustment, but after that he will have to defeat his teammate Yuki Tsunoda – both in qualifying sessions and in the races.

“If he can do that and make AlphaTauri close to the top ten on a regular basis again, he could potentially save his Formula 1 career,” Brundle added. Otherwise, it might be his last chance.

In addition, Brundle also confirmed that he is feeling the sudden release of Nic de Vries.

“He hasn’t even had half a season, and that’s in an obviously difficult car,” explained the Formula 1 expert. In addition, his colleague was “more experienced”.

But because there was simply no outward trend to see, the Dutchman has looked despondent in the past few races. “He got into some skirmishes he shouldn’t have. It was really sad to see him do that because I think he’s better than that,” Brundle said.

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