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The fan flashed with a plan to the Grunmeier Museum

The fan flashed with a plan to the Grunmeier Museum


The long-lived dream of a northern German collector of the first fan museum of rock star Herbert Grünemeyer (“Bochum”, “Minch”) exploded. The musician’s management told him that the museum’s plan could not be supported for “fundamental and legal reasons”. Watchmaker Wolfgang Hess of Kadenberg near Cuxhaven told dpa on Friday. He confirmed a report in the Nordsee Zeitung newspaper.

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Music management does not support the project

“Of course I’m disappointed,” Hess (59) said. Since Grönemeyer debuted on NDR TV in the late 1970s, he has been interested in his music and collecting everything related to his idol. This resulted in a collection of more than 1,000 records, CDs, posters, and fan articles he wanted to display in the museum. The structurally vulnerable area on the Elbe River hopes to be a magnet for tourists, which is why Hesse must also receive EU funding from the area.

Hess said communications with the administration this year have been very positive. Even more surprising was the cancellation four weeks ago, which initially caused him to be sleep-deprived. In his disappointment, for the first time in over 40 years he did not buy tickets for Grönemeyer’s next tour.

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