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"The farmer is looking for a wife" - an obscure friend: now model Antonia speaks in plain language

“The farmer is looking for a wife” – an obscure friend: now model Antonia speaks in plain language

Is there a crisis with Antonia and Patrick? Now the model has clearly spoken on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/patrick_romer_

“Bauer sucht Frau” star immersed in social media: her friend Antonia speaks in plain language

Antonia Hammer and Patrick Roemer found love last year through “Bauer sucht Frau” and have already begun planning their future together: the model from Hanover wants to move to Lake Constance until the long-distance relationship ends. The fans Keep a close eye on the behavior of the two on social media, however, persistent rumors pop up time and time again.

I Internet In the past few weeks, news of Antonia and Patrick breaking up, which the 20-year-old eventually denied, was somewhat upset. But now with followers Instagram worried again Because he’s been pretty quiet around Patrick for a while. Antonia has now spoken about this.

“Bauer sucht Frau” filter reassures the masses

The last post of Patrick’s photo on Instagram was dated at the beginning of May, and the student is currently silent about the story post – unlike Antonia, who is very active on the platform. In a question-and-answer session, the user wanted to know from her: “When are you going to see Patrick again? Are you still together?” The obvious answer for the Bauer Met Frau filter:

Antonia calms her followers on Instagram. Photo: antonia_hemmer / instagram

Antonia had additional good news especially for Patrick’s followers, as he apparently wants to be more active in social networks again soon. Blonde reveal: “I spoke to him about this this afternoon, and he will definitely be doing more again soon.”

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On this occasion, Antonia did not reveal the reason for the inactivity of the current Patrick. In fact, it’s not unusual for him to take a break from it Social media inserts. A few months ago, for example, he was in the middle of an exam phase on which he was fully focused.

By the way, during the question-and-answer session, Antonia also gave an update on her general safety at the moment. She assured the community:I found the man of my lifeMy depression is pretty much gone and I’m fine. I don’t miss anything.”

Antonia is feeling uninspired

There’s only one thing that’s bothering the model a bit right now. Your frank confession:I feel that at the moment I am not developing myself and that I am very upset and bored with myself. In fact, I can and want more, but somehow I can’t show it or implement it.”

According to her own statements, she “would like to inspire her followers more and make them go through their day”, but that’s exactly what she’s having a problem with. “Because I don’t even know how others are doing Effect do it”Adds Antonia, somewhat perplexed. But she is probably very self-critical, because the reactions to her stories, which she sometimes shares with herself, are often assumed to be positive.


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