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The FBI warns about public charging stations for smartphones

The FBI warns about public charging stations for smartphones

Malware and monitoring software

That’s why the FBI is now warning against public charging stations for cell phones

The FBI warns against using public charging stations. The bad guys have found ways to install malware and monitoring software on devices via USB ports.


The FBI warns against charging cell phones at public stations.

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Center officials US Security Agency FBI In Denver they warn against using public stations to charge cell phones. Malicious actors can use these charging stations to install malware and trackers on computers and phones.

“The bad guys have found ways to use public USB ports to deliver malware and surveillance software to devices,” the FBI wrote on Twitter. “Bring your own charger and USB cable, and use an outlet instead,” the FBI officials said.

Airports, hotels and shopping malls

Free public charging stations have multiplied in recent years as airport operators expand their offerings to meet the needs of travelers. Also in hotels and shopping centers like this has been increasingly Install charging stations.

The FBI warns that these also may lead to unwanted monitoring software and malware being installed on computers and smartphones.

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