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ZAMG Promises: Will the Winter Storm from America Be Coming to Us?

ZAMG Promises: Will the Winter Storm from America Be Coming to Us?

Styria is enjoying a spring-like atmosphere on Christmas Eve – on the other hand, in America, a very dangerous winter storm is raging with severe minus temperatures. Will this happen to us?

Striae. Central Meteorological Institute (ZAMG) illustrates the weather phenomenon in the United States. Accordingly, a tropical depression has formed over North America, carrying very cold, arctic air in its wake. There is a sharp drop in temperature with temperatures up to Minus 40 degrees.

The Alps protect Europe from winter storms

In North America, there is no obstacle in the way of cold air moving south from the Arctic, and this cold air can penetrate into subtropical regions, including the southern United States. Negative temperature records expected. However, one can rest easy in this country: “In Europe, such a large drop in temperature in the southern Mediterranean region is almost impossible. Blocking the Alps That, ZAMG explains.

The storm moved further north, weakening and not moving towards continental Europe. “In contrast, with us it’s been very light with west to southwesterly currents. Christmas thaw continues to hit hard.”

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