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The first food from the 3D printer comes to the supermarket

The first food from the 3D printer comes to the supermarket

Starting in Vienna Revo Foods It has been developing plant-based fish alternative products for years. The company recently raised millions in research funding for its approach to sourcing plant-based salmon fillets that are as close to the original as possible in taste, consistency and preparation. From Thursday 14 September, ‘Fish Fillet’ made with mushroom proteins will be available in local supermarkets.

The product, called ‘The Filet – Inspired by Salmon’, launched in collaboration with Rewe/Billa, is the ‘first ever 3D printed product’ that will be available in supermarkets. Compared to salmon farming, mushroom protein requires fewer resources and causes fewer emissions during production. Revo says it wants to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to popular foods that were previously difficult to replicate.

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Achieve fibrous consistency

The company, founded in 2020 by biotech scientist and managing director Robin Simsa, has already managed to bring plant-based smoked salmon and plant-based tuna to the grocery store. In order to achieve the fibrous consistency of salmon fillets, the mushroom protein product was developed in cooperation with the Swedish company Mycorena, with European funding amounting to 1.5 million euros, among other things. The patented manufacturing technology opens up the possibility of producing “an entirely new category of complex products such as steaks and vegetarian steaks authentically for the first time.”

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