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The future of the Mann plant in Steyr remains uncertain

The future of the Mann plant in Steyr remains uncertain

Today, Friday, the deadline ends when Siegfried Wolf’s bid to purchase the MAN factory in Steyr should be exclusively on the table. It is unclear what happens when this time expires. From the policy side, one hears about conversations over and over again, but the tangible content hasn’t leaked yet. Also, no potential investor has ventured further away from the cap than before. So the situation is spoiled.

His spokesman, Joseph Kalina, said that Wolf had committed to his offer, but that there would be no improvement because at the time there would be no economic production. On Wolf’s part, there is also a willingness to work with others or with public sector initiatives – for example in the field of research. Discussions are likely to take place in the background here, and how accurate those discussions are, but they remain unclear – as did what Wolf would do after the deadline.

From MAN’s corporate headquarters in Munich, it was said upon request that they were not currently in any discussions, not even with Wolf. One does not want to get involved in speculation about what would happen if someone added an attachment to a Wolf project that the workforce could live with. The group had been lobbying recently, repeatedly affirming that they wanted to shut down the plant, and even providing a rough timeline for it. In addition, MAN has apparently started catching Steyr employees for other locations overseas.

However, the union reserves the right to file a lawsuit against site termination and job security contracts. This could mean a lot of money for MAN – but the plaintiffs’ chances of success are uncertain. A first lawsuit can only be filed if a person is expelled for practical reasons. When that happens, it is part of the negotiations over a social plan, which are currently underway and should continue on Wednesday.

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