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The geologist wants to stop tourism at Lake Wörthersee – 5 minutes

The geologist wants to stop tourism at Lake Wörthersee – 5 minutes

Published April 1, 2024 at 9:41 pm /©Linscape/Utopiafilm

Filmed around and on Lake Wörthersee.

Filmed around and on Lake Wörthersee.

A wonderful series project was filmed around and on Lake Wörthersee. In “Am Wörthersee”, a vengeful geologist battles defunct tourism clans. As of today there is also a trailer.

from Philip Plattner

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Today, Easter Monday, April 1st, it was announced that there will soon be a new Austrian series project with “Am Wörthersee”. The first stream promises “intrigue, conspiracy, lots of champagne, oysters and wild partying” and “possibly the most exciting film project since The Pass”. Overall, “Am Wörthersee” aims to impress with six 45-minute episodes.

“Insanely American”

“The costumes are great, the picture is great – shot in an incredibly American way,” explains the lead actor Julian Waldner. The cast includes other leading and supporting roles alongside Waldner and Manuel Rubi Among other things Michael Pink, Reinhard Nowak And Sarah Jung As well as influencers such as Anna Striegel Or model Alina Gerber. The film was shot in and around Lake Wörthersee.

What is “Am Wörthersee” about?

“Am Wörthersee” is said to be a “bitter and darkly entertaining miniseries about the desire for revenge, social injustice and an evil past.” In the series, a vengeful geologist wants to break up the façade of defunct tourist clans with targeted bombings. A trailer that can be viewed today on YouTube gives a first look at the series project. It is not yet clear when and where the series can be watched.

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