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Festival Review – Imago Dei: A Great Moment for Easter

Festival Review – Imago Dei: A Great Moment for Easter

Impressive space and expressive emotion: Johann Sebastian Bach was a participant in the Krems spring festival program Imago Dei on Good Friday evening – in the Krems sound space in the Steiner Minorettenkirche.

Clangrum Krems, ©Sasha Osaka,

MThis year's edition of the Imago Dei celebrated one of its highlights on Good Friday with a “Passion of Saint Matthew” that was as beautiful as it was meticulous.

The happy moments are still there. On Good Friday, the music company and the Monismo group under the direction of Johannes Himtzberger brought to the audience the final edition of Nadia Kayali's Krems Spring Festival in the Little Church of Krems: with Bach's monumental “Passion of St. Matthew” in the Faithful, a slender overture that explores all the depths of expression.

Hiemetsberger meticulously draws a precise arc through the action and brings Harnoncourt's baroque vocal utterance to detailed life. The solos in the recitatives and the melodies coming from the choir stand out in harmony (including Sebastian Taschner as an herald, Hanna Fyodorov, and Johanna Rosa Falkinger), the chorus is sublime but never weighed down, and small, clever, dramatic pauses are used effectively.

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