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The Holy Land is torn apart by terrible suffering

The Holy Land is torn apart by terrible suffering

Pope Francis said this to representatives of the Knights of the Grave at their meeting at the Vatican. “Instead we see it torn apart by terrible suffering that affects, above all, so many innocent people – so many innocent people dead.”

In the meeting held on November 10, 2023, Francis affirmed his solidarity with the Knights of the Resurrection in Jerusalem in their mourning and desire for peace. To serve them, the Knights called for charitable work exercised by reason and imagination; The need for this is great.

The papal system primarily supports Christians in the Holy Land. There it supports social and educational projects as well as institutions such as hospitals, children’s and elderly homes or universities. The Order’s General Assembly met in Rome from 6 to 9 November.

Franciscans are asking for donations

In view of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, the Franciscan friars of the Holy Land launched an urgent appeal to collect donations. The absence of pilgrims, the disruption of economic activities, and difficulties on the way to work have hampered daily life, according to an appeal published on Thursday evening by the Franciscan Custody in Jerusalem. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to live a decent life using one’s own resources. The Franciscans asked for immediate support in order to “give a future to the small Christian presence in the Holy Land.”

The Franciscan Custody of Jerusalem takes care of 70 shrines in the Holy Land, and about 250 friars work there. While the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem is responsible for the direct pastoral care of Latin Christians in the region, the Custody takes care of the administration and pastoral care of the Holy Places within the framework of the status quo.

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(be), published on November 10, 2023