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Volcanic eruption fears: Icelandic city evacuated

Volcanic eruption fears: Icelandic city evacuated

Due to an ongoing series of severe earthquakes in Iceland, authorities on the North Atlantic island are warning of stronger earthquakes and the possibility of an imminent volcanic eruption. Icelandic police said on Friday evening that the tremors that occurred near the town of Grindavik could become more violent and eventually lead to a volcanic eruption. As a precaution, orders were issued to evacuate the city. It will continue to check whether the magma is approaching the Earth’s surface.

The police announced that the situation was dangerous due to the earthquake that struck north of Grindavik. This level of alert system means that the authorities see an increased danger and measures are being taken to ensure the safety of people in the area.

800 earthquakes in a few hours

The Blue Lagoon tourist attraction was actually closed yesterday as a precaution after a series of earthquakes. The lake is located on the Reykjanes Peninsula and is famous, among other things, for its outdoor thermal pool.

Yesterday, about 800 earthquakes were measured about three kilometers north of Grindavik, a town of 4,000 people on the Reykjanes Peninsula. According to preliminary information issued by the Meteorological Authority, the strongest of these earthquakes reached a magnitude of 5.2. The police closed the road linking Grindavik, which was damaged by the earthquakes.

Two stronger earthquakes were later felt in the capital, Reykjavik, about 40 kilometers from Grindavik, and in much of Iceland’s southern coast.

24 thousand earthquakes since the end of October

According to the International Maritime Organization, about 24,000 earthquakes have been measured on the Reykjanes Peninsula since the end of October. According to its own information, the Meteorological Authority discovered an accumulation of magma about five kilometers below the Earth’s surface. If magma moves toward the surface, it could lead to a volcanic eruption.

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Since 2021, there have been three volcanic eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula – in March 2021, August 2022, and July. However, these outbreaks have occurred far from populated areas or important infrastructure. Iceland is the largest and most active volcanic region in Europe.