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Six-part series “Sisi” from December 28 on ORF 1

With Dominic Davenport and Janic Schumann as Sisi and Franz as well as Julia Stemberger and Desiree Nosbusch ofm

Vienna The new ‘Sisi’ series with newcomer Dominique Devenport and Jannik Schümann as Sisi and Franz is available as a free German-language TV show on December 28, 29, and 30, 2021 – in double episodes at 8.15pm (on December 30 from 10pm.) ORF Program 1. RTL’s six-part series of events in collaboration with ORF gives the love story of Sisi and Franz a new splendor.

Directed by Sven Bohsey, other roles have included Desiree Nosbusch (Archduchess Sophie, Franz’s mother), Tania Schleif (Countess Esterhazy), Paula Cooper (Fanny), Julia Stemberger (Mother Sissy, Duchess of Ludovica in Bavaria), David Korpmann (Graf Grun), Pauline Renifer (Duchess Helen “Nenni” of Bavaria, sister of Sisi), Yasmane Stampader (Bella), Giovanni Fonatti (Graf Andrassy) and Marcus Grosser (Sisi’s father, Duke Max V) in front of the camera.

The action series was produced by Story House Pictures and funded by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and German Motion Picture Fund. Beta Film captures global sales.

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