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The Impossible Kitchen: A Portrait of Hendrik Haas

The Impossible Kitchen: A Portrait of Hendrik Haas

“Tell me, can you cook too, digger?” With these words the kitchen bull asked Tim Malzer food activists Henrik Haas For a culinary duel in Episode 7 of Season 7 of Kitchen Impossible, which will air on VOX on March 20, 2022 at 8:15 PM.

Good food is Hendrik Haas’ passion, but he’s not a chef, he’s food activist One of the most famous and influential in Germany. He talks and writes about food, thinks about our food eating culture and the food policy. Because its mission, in times of environmental and technological change An interesting future for all to accomplish. Utopia: Good food should not be the prerogative of a small elite, it should be available to the masses.

For a fun future

Hendrik Haas (born in 1984). AdvertisingAnd the ER . networkAnd the MediatorAnd the food blogger A passionate connoisseur. He is also the founder of »slow food for young berlin“, One An organization committed to a better food system in the capital, against food waste and for sustainable, fair and clean food. Hendrik Haas’s lesson Communication Design, because he wanted to learn how to properly communicate important messages. And that is exactly what Berliners can do like no other. Today, decision makers Policy And the Economie and keep up regularly Lectures at universities and conferences, where he inspires his listeners to leave the beaten path in search of new paths to an enjoyable future.

How does the future taste?

Hendrik Haase wants to create a new understanding of the future on our plates. He is looking for answers to the rapidly changing world of our food. Because in the past decades we have distanced ourselves from the source of our food and our food alienation food. The industrial processing From food is not only a problem for our health, but also for our planet Climate change and blast diseases of civilization Standing in front of you is a barren food Basic transformation process. Hendrik Haase supports emerging food enterprises that face the challenges of our time with revolutionary concepts that combine sustainability, innovation, and food production with technology. Because his calling is to build new bridges – from production to consumption, from field to painting.

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Digitizing our food culture

In his last bookfood code. How do we maintain control of our food in the digital world«(2021) Hendrik Haas Stands with Business Journalist Olaf Denninger the question how Digitization It changed our food world. Artificial intelligence It increasingly defines our eating habits. Hendrik Haase briefly lays out a file chances This is the digital revolution of our food culture Networks The entire supply chain – from the field to the crossroads. His vision: Organic potatoes from the field come to us only as needed smart phone We really learn all about the potatoes that end up on our plate.

It’s about sausages, because they are not sausages

As Hendrik Hasse will »sausage bag“Because one of his specialties is meat production. in his book “Processed Meat: The New Meat Culture: Recipes, Craftsmanship, and Fun«(2015) publishes a new responsible movement butcher tradeThey are always looking for individual meat products that clearly distinguish themselves from the mass of industrial goods. To counter the butcher’s quest and To restore the body to its dignityemotional foundations lawyer nose to tail 2016 with what was once Germany’s youngest master butcher Jörg Foerstera Glass Butcher Shop »Friends and club«.