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'Bergdoktor' Finale: Confirmed: Two Famous Actors Exit!

‘Bergdoktor’ Finale: Confirmed: Two Famous Actors Exit!

No wedding at the Gruberhof. The fifteenth season of the ZDF series ended with a breakup. Anne Martin left. It was on Francesca and his son too”mountain doctor“Say goodbye to” what’s left “. Obviously forever. It is written in a post on the Instagram page of Hans Siegel (52), in which he first thanked him for the virtual applause, then wrote:” The wonderful colleagues came and left. This season we said goodbye to two colleagues. Ines Lutz and Simon Hanselmann. You have been part of our little company on the mountain and always will be. Thank you and your art.”

As actress Ines Lutz (38 years old) stated: “Dear audience, dear team, dear colleagues – thank you for your love and trust over the past few years, you are a gift!” Her post was also commented on by colleague Rebecca Emmanuel (51, “Dr. Fenderish Kanwiller”): “Dear Ines, you’ve really been missing out. So great that you’ve been there for so long.”

Farewell to Ines Lutz and Simon Hanselmann – Frustrated Fans

The exit was also confirmed on the series’ official Insta account, which is operated by production company ndf. “Okay, now I said goodbye to Anne and Francesca. Dear Ines, dear Simon, thank you 1000 for the wonderful cooperation, your happiness and your friendship. We will miss you so much!

One follower wrote sadly: “A series without Anne is like Tyrol without mountains.” Others are also more than happy with the end of the season: “Bergduker without Anne. Why wouldn’t Martin be just happy? It’s no longer fun to watch, it’s always a mess in his life. We are so sad and disappointed. Anne, Martin and the baby, I wanted him so badly.”

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Franziska is also missed by many. But anyone who’s been a Bergdoktor fan for a long time knows that Martin Gruber has already lost other loved ones, tragically too. So it will go on, definitely just as passionate and exciting. Anyway, Hans Sigl promises: “We can keep shooting. It’s going to be 8 x 90 minutes this summer. Nobody knows what’s going to happen by then. I hope good things too. […] Because it must continue. Lasts. Maybe not always in that class, but life… goes on. “