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The Impossible Kitchen: Seb Schilhorn and Tim Malzer 'Divide Almost Equally'

The Impossible Kitchen: Seb Schilhorn and Tim Malzer ‘Divide Almost Equally’

thats it Tim Malzer Had to deal with three opponents in one episode of Kitchen Impossible – the TV chef probably didn’t expect it so quickly. Well, in the eighth episode of season seven, it’s time. opponents: Luke MrazAnd the Philip Reachinger Felix Schilhorn from “Healthy Boy Band”. no wonder that Malcover He gets support from another cooking star: Seb Shelhorn, whom Tim defeated in a duel last year.

The special feature of the episode is not only the “Kitchen Impossible” duel for generations, but also in the current episode father and son compete against each other: Felix Schilhorn is Seb Schilhorn’s junior.

we’ve got shilhorn First met for an interview and wanted to learn more about shooting and a cooking duel:

Falstaff: You’re at Kitchen Impossible again this year, but this time alongside Tim Mälzer. How did you get convinced to participate in the TV format?
Seb Schilhorn: My friend was the starting point at that time Roland TrettleTim Mälzer and Tim Raugh To our hotel “DerSeehof” in Goldegg for the Christmas edition. Not only was that incredibly funny with Tim & Tim, but it was also really good, because “DerSeehof” had a massive presence as a result. But of course the most important thing was that Tim Malzer And I’ve continued to do very well from the start, so to speak, from the moment he sat in the bar and analyzed my shop. So he invited me to join.

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What excites you the most?
The series is only about one thing – “It’s too good to fail”. The truth is: you can never cook dishes like guest chefs, that is, the hosts, and cook them for you.
I’m always an outsider and try to reinvent exciting dishes that appeal to me. W: Nobody fails beautifully and beautifully like me, which is obvious by looking at my mouth.

What is the biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge is always finding the right ingredients and spices, to taste them, define them and then of course cook them in a foreign environment. With “Liver Praline” from »Horvath“In Berlin with Sebastian Frank I was on the verge of tears.
So perfect and so vegan – needless to say more, right?
And with this season’s episode on March 27, all you have to do is watch. I never experienced such a disaster, after which I did not cook for a month, nothing and absolutely nothing. I think this will be the first broadcast with 0 points.

Does this mean you care about winning?
It’s about having fun and being friends with Tim. We are soul brothers, ticks alike, Fight almost equally wellare equally socially committed and have almost the same feel and above all they understand to cook and run an inn.

This time cooking against your son: How ambitious are you as a father?
I see it more as a sport. In a duel like this, you and your culinary partner naturally want to fight them “sexy girls” to win. (He laughs) But most of all it was fun. And that’s all there is to it!

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Is there a really “impossible” dish for you?
Yes, the court is there – but I wouldn’t say that now. Mälzer also reads Falstaff…. not?

What did you learn from this episode that pitted you against your young son?
After this March 27 broadcast, I will never again team up with Tim Mälzer and cook together against anyone else. (He laughs) Two alphas are in the kitchen and neither of them dares to say to the other: “I’m the boss and I’ll tell you how it’s done.”

You will soon read the episode guide in our special topic.