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WNP candidate Noella Mbumba: ‘It’s hard to subdue me’

WNP candidate Noella Mbumba: ‘It’s hard to subdue me’

From time to time this season of the supermodel show “Next Topmodel in Germany” by Heidi Klum (48), who certainly noted Noëlla Mbomba (24). Partly because of her performance and partly because of her interviews with opinion and expressive poses. Only a few can physically bend like an aging nurse! But in addition to her back, did Noella also have to bend her character during filming? In an exclusive interview with as part of Berlin Fashion Week, the 24-year-old talks to us about it and reveals some other details about the show, such as visits to the set. Tom Kaulitz (32) and Lenny Klum (17).

Did you want to get to know the candidate better and capture some behind-the-scenes impressions? Then click on the video above!

GNTM nominee Martina on her relationship with Heidi Klum and her daughter Lenny: ‘Lenny is like a daughter to me’

Even more so than Noëlla Mbomba, Austrian candidate Martina (50) will likely be noticed this year. The talented mother, who has already had experience in the modeling business in the past and now wants to try it again, not only persuaded Chief Judge Heidi as a model for the show, but also managed to land jobs at Berlin Fashion Week. We also spoke to her during a fashion event in DC and let her talk about her time at GNTM and her opinion of Heidi and Lenny.

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