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The investigations appear to be against Tesla over Musk’s private home

The investigations appear to be against Tesla over Musk’s private home

DrAccording to a media report, the US Attorney’s Office is investigating the use of Tesla’s funds for a secret project called “Project 42”. Obviously, it’s about CEO Elon Musk’s home. The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter, that the SEC also launched a civil investigation.

The luxurious glass house is located near Austin, Texas, USA. The newspaper stated that the prosecution is investigating whether Musk, the richest man in the world, enjoyed personal benefits, how much Tesla spent on the project and what the money was used for. Austin is the headquarters for the electric vehicle manufacturer. The report said the investigations by the attorney general and the Securities and Exchange Commission are “in the early stages” and may not lead to criminal charges.

As early as July, The Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla’s board of directors was investigating whether company funds had been misused in the project. Previously, employees said, the company ordered walls made of special glass for several million dollars. The newspaper did not know whether the walls had been handed over or not, and to what extent progress had been made in “Project 42”.

The current report also states that the range of vehicles is the subject of investigation; This is less than expected. Reuters news agency reported in July, citing experts who tested or inspected the vehicles, that the vehicles often did not achieve the advertised ranges and predictions made by the devices on the vehicles themselves.

An SEC spokesperson said the agency would not comment on the existence or lack of a potential investigation. There was no immediate reaction from Musk, nor did a spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, which is leading the investigation, according to the newspaper.

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