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The Kremlin dictator attacks the West: Putin threatens NATO military strikes!  |  Policy

The Kremlin dictator attacks the West: Putin threatens NATO military strikes! | Policy

The Ukrainian counteroffensive in the east of the country is in full swing. Russia is losing territory in Ukraine every day.

Meanwhile, Russian warmonger Vladimir Putin (70) took to the podium at the annual economic forum in St. Petersburg and once again unleashed a whole host of threats against Western countries!

Specifically: Putin threatens military strikes against NATO countries over the possibility of F16s being delivered to Ukraine!

The Kremlin tyrant said: “If they are stationed at air bases outside the borders of Ukraine, but are used in combat operations, then we will have to consider how and where to hit the devices that will be used in combat operations against us.”

He continued, “This is a grave danger that could draw NATO deeper into this armed conflict (…) The F-16 will burn as well, and there can be no doubt about that.”

A few hours after Putin’s speech, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov tried to defuse his statements – the Kremlin spokesman said that Russia would destroy the planes only “if they were operating on Ukrainian territory.”

Putin also caused a stir with his comments on nuclear arms control.

“We have more weapons than NATO countries,” said the head of the Kremlin. “They know this and continue to push us to start talks about cuts,” Putin continued, adding: “Damn it, you know what we say among the people.”

A little later, Kremlin spokesman Peskov had to put Putin’s remarks to reporters in perspective, and emphasized that “Russia is ready for negotiations.”

Putin scolds Zelensky: “He is not a Jew”

Putin had earlier described the Ukrainian counterattack as hopeless. “The Ukrainian armed forces have no chance there, as they do in other regions,” said the Kremlin dictator, referring to the current Ukrainian advances in the east and south of the country.

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He renewed the accusation that he had been repeating for years without any justification and also cited as the reason for the invasion on February 24, 2022: Ukraine in the hands of neo-Nazis.

At the same time, the head of state of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky (45), who is of the Jewish faith, was cursed. “I have had many Jewish friends since childhood,” Putin said. Completely insane, he continued, “They say Zelensky is not a Jew but rather a disgrace to the Jewish people.”

Putin added that this is not a joke.

The full interview Paul Ronzheimer speaks to Volodymyr Zelensky

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Transfer of nuclear warheads to Belarus

In addition, the Kremlin tyrant announced that he had stationed the first nuclear warheads in neighboring Belarus: “This is only the first, by the end of summer, by the end of the year, we will have completed the entire operation.”

According to Putin, he still sees no reason to use nuclear weapons. Theoretically, this is possible if, as he says, the Russian lands are in danger. Nuclear weapons will only be used if the very existence of the Russian state is threatened.

Meanwhile, Ukraine said Russia had suffered heavy losses fighting on the southern front. In terms of killed and wounded soldiers, this corresponds to more than four companies, the commander of the Ukrainian forces in the South Tavrian sector wrote.