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The local council makes a unanimous decision in principle: Weinhof Zerl must flourish again

The local council makes a unanimous decision in principle: Weinhof Zerl must flourish again

“Obermoser + Partner Architekten ZT GmbH” Zirl remembers its roots as a wine-growing town and revives the tradition. Planning measures and steps to revitalize the existing wine farm. Society is what creates the conditions for this.

Zerl. mayorthomas opener He speaks vaguely of a historical opportunity. One on February 1, 2024 Zirl Municipal Council The local president is particularly pleased with the fundamental decision that was unanimously adopted: “It is about the revitalization of a historic vineyard.”

“Wine was grown in the small Tyrolean town of Zirle as early as the 14th century – and it is no coincidence that a vine adorns the municipality’s coat of arms.”

This is a quote on the home page of “DER WINZER”. Austrian Winegrowers Association.
The owner mentioned there, who has since died, was still fighting against the real burden on this property at that time, so that viticulture in Zirle would remain safe in the future, and the order still stands “Permanent Viticulture” On the property.

The owner is still Markus Langes SwarovskiHe obtained it from his father, who died in 2021 Gernot Langes Swarovski heir. Soon – with the decision of the local council and the “green light” for the project – the property can finally be purchased in the near future, explains the investor Johannes Obermoser To the area newspapers:

“We have been preparing the project for about two years, and it will be a nice, integrated thing that also involves the existing wine community.”

Obermoser reveals.

Steps towards the future of generosity

The area is currently fallow If it “booms again” in the next few years, investors are sure of it “Obermoser + Partner Architects ZT GmbH.” With a comprehensive concept. After obtaining the land, the existing vines will be removed The vineyard will be planted. And necessary for this Clearance notice The State of Tyrol has already granted this.
The vineyard is then expanded to include the already fully dedicated vineyard culture
It is used for growing vines. Up to 10,000 bottles can be produced in this area. But in order to make the company profitable, it needs more, such as: Revitalize the wine farm. There must be another one here Guest on Earth Foundation with Guest rooms arise moreover Agricultural tools store And rooms for them Product Show.
the Cleansing areas to the east It is also newly planted and produces fruit of its own Distillation – Also built into the winery. Moreover, in the current parking area even the transport mast (which will remain). Garni Hotel (Tasting at the wine farm above) is also planned veterinary clinic Beside Office space, parking space and garage for animals.

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Improved access to B177

As part of the reorganization and rezoning of land plots, two new corridors will be built at the expense of investors Seefelderstraße B177 building. Mayor Offner says the current access solution is cumbersome: “The local council is also in favor of a solution in this area, which is a direct transport connection to the B177.” An agreement was reached with the private owner regarding the necessary allocation of land, and according to Offner:

“It is a good solution for the community, as the investor bears 100% of the costs.”

The state and municipality are now dealing with the next steps, and the zoning plan and development plan in this area must be reviewed, therefore Mayor Thomas Offner:

“There have always been projects, more like castles in the air, but the current one is realistic and serious and we are happy that something has happened here and that Zirle has become the first wine town in North Tyrol. Even Governor Wallenweifer would have liked to come here for a glass of wine until it no longer flourishes.” Unfortunately. I am very confident that the wine farm area will be successfully revitalized.”