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Ernst von Siemens Musical Award for Olga Neuwirth

Ernst von Siemens Musical Award for Olga Neuwirth

In its estimation, the Ernst von Siemens Foundation (EvS) asserts that the 53-year-old has been combining feminist interests with multimedia practice since the late 1980s and has developed an unrelenting openness toward other art forms such as film or literature in a musical language across genres. The unifying essence of all her work is the deconstruction of putative binary categories such as virtual/physical, analogue/digital, and female/male.

“Versatile and unpredictable as well as rough and sharp”

The musical theatrical works of the native of Graz, who has also held the position of professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts since the previous year, are particularly noteworthy. These shows range from Lynch’s adaptation “Lost Highway” with a libretto by Elfriede Jelinek, which premiered in her hometown in 2003, to “Orlando” based on Virginia Woolf, which she herself described as “opus Summum,” which featured For the first time at the Vienna State Opera in 2019.

According to the foundation, Neuwirth’s musical language is versatile, unpredictable, and at times rough and sharp. This is an expression of the composer’s personality and social commitment and decisively contributes to making Neuwirth one of the most independent and exciting voices on the music scene: “With Olga Neuwirth, the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation honors an artist who with her music breaks radically new horizons, imparting music Contemporary has a fresh face, but it also engages, takes a stand and is not afraid to address grievances.”

Grant 250 thousand euros

This honor will be given to the artist on June 2nd for his life in music service at the Prinzregententheater in Munich. Thus, Neuwirth aligns with such greats as composers Olivier Messian and Hans Werner Heinz, cello god Mstislav Rostropovich and star violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter. Neuwirth’s eulogy will be presented by shooting star of Viennese literature Raphaella Edelbauer, while the French joint troupe under Matthias Pincher plays the works of the newly crowned winner.

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At the same time as presenting the Neuwirth Prize, EvS also announced this year’s sponsorship prize winners, who will each receive €35,000: French composer Benjamin Eltaher, Britain’s Naomi Pinnock and Spain’s Mikel Urquiza will be delighted here. In addition to the prize money itself, young composers are also supported by a “Produced Musical Mastery”.

Help for music students expanded

In addition, the EvS Board of Trustees has decided to award another two million euros to the created Student Aid Fund: this is intended to support music students in Switzerland, Austria and Germany who have encountered problems as a result of the CoV pandemic, with about eight million euros being spent here since 2020.