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The massive influence of Carol Middleton

The massive influence of Carol Middleton

British writer and aristocrat Phil Dampier Kate’s mother is now even called a “force behind the throne”. In an interview with the British newspaper, Carol Dampier said the 66-year-old was “a force of stability and support in the background” for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. the sun She is also referred to as the “strong woman”. “Kate always asks her for advice and comfort. She spends a lot of time with her grandchildren (…). Her influence is enormous.”

Carole and Michael Middleton became millionaires with the mail-order company they founded for party supplies. In addition to Kate, they have two other children – a daughter philippa and his son mosques.

Family First By Den Middletons

The Middleton family has a very close family relationship. Royals expert Katie Nicholl Carol and Michael were once described as “announcers” for William and Kate. William, who is second in line to the throne, has always loved spending time with his in-laws.

The Middeltons met in the late 1970s when Carol She worked as a flight attendant and Michael as a pilot. Carols Grandparents worked in the coal mines in northern England. Michael’s father was also a pilot. While “Mike” – as Prince William is allegedly called his father-in-law – is considered modest and “good-looking”, Kate’s mother was often shot by tabloids.

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