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Opening: Hubert Wallner opens a gourmet restaurant in Dellach

Opening: Hubert Wallner opens a gourmet restaurant in Dellach

Chef Hubert Wallner’s much-decorated 4-token introduced his new kingdom at the opening on June 21.

Delach / Maria Worth. The opening was celebrated on two evenings in the most exclusive setting, with only 35 guests each. Artist Trevor Jackson hosted the company for a cocktail on the balcony with a great view of the lake, followed by dinner. “I am very proud and happy today, because this restaurant is the best in all my dreams,” Hubert Wallner is happy with the evening’s success and adds: “I would like to thank my investors and partner Hermann Unterköfler of Hermitage Resort Vital for believing in me and my ideas.”


He fiddled a lot with the little things, he says, and also built some tech tricks. So you can have your picture in front of the wall with prizes from the manager at the entrance. The “chef’s table” was personally customized only by Hubert Wallner and offers space for 10 people with access through the kitchen. In the custom-made table there is a drawer for every space, where you can choose the right cutlery from Robbe & Berking crafted in pure silver with a modern design. In addition, the table has an illuminated glass panel and a mirror above the table, which is great for taking the right selfies.
The restaurant is so simple in shades of beige that Hubert Wallner even designed the chairs himself! The toilets are large in size and elegant like the rest of the place. Changing artists display their work on the walls in the restaurant, for example, a large work of Manfred Böckelmann is currently on display. The great wine cellar is also amazing. 4000 locations are stored here at different temperatures with display lighting.

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As there was in the evening:
Armin Asinger with his wife Sandra, President of the Chamber of Commerce Karl Maher with Andrea Samunig, Managing Director of Luburger Reinhard Hanusch Ingrid Flick, Film Producer Klaus Graf, Otto Ritzer, Event Expert Hannes Jagerhofer, Illustrator Manfred Böckelmann, Andrea and Alfred Riedel (Jack Lemanns), Vice President Yachting Club Franz Aiglor and fashion experts Ernst and Manuela Fischer Peter Plumber John. (Henk) and Hans Peter Spaak, designer Walter Hüsel, jeweler Hans Scholin, Helga and Michael Kuhn, Brigitte Gluck, Robert and Stephanie Gluck and of course owner and builder of the property and operator of the “Hermitage Vital Resort” Hermann Unterkofler with his family.

The restaurant with a large balcony


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With a bit of luck, WOCHE and VILLACHER BIER will also take care of the digestive bill.



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