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The men’s choir Frohn with a wonderful anniversary concert – Koblach

Men's Choir Frochin, Cordor Band and Elias Menzi in the final piece

Men’s Choir Frochin, Cordor Band and Elias Menzi in the final piece
© Hartwig Hillrigel

On the evening of June 4, 2022, the male choir Frohsen took to the stage at his annual grand concert with the participation of the ensemble “Querdur” and dulcimer Elias Menzi.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for weeks…” is written at the beginning of the song “An Days Like This” by Totten Heusen. Party-goers in a fully occupied community hall can literally feel that a special moment has come for the singers under Gudrun Urban-Nachbaur. If you had to wait two years for a centenary, you did it with even more enthusiasm now. With “Barbershop Song” there was a small show with a quick shave.

Swiss Elias Menzi was also able to inspire the audience with his own compositions on dulcimers – sounds that are rarely heard, eliciting thunderous applause. The band “Querdur” of the godfather of science Erica Kopf was also able to delight the guests. After the joint track “You Have a Friend in Me” and the closing song “Ober den Falken”, the enthusiastic guests and satisfied singers ended the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

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